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Ideal for a range of applications, liquid screed is an innovative floor covering solution. Liquid screed is often used for underfloor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish. The London Screed Company Ltd are experts in the installation of liquid flow screed. We have all the equipment and knowledge needed to control the entire process, ensuring an end result that is level, precise and durable.

Over the years, we have worked on perfecting our process so that we can offer our customers a straightforward and smooth service from start to finish. If you are in Chelsea, Chiswick, Hayes, Maidenhead, Pimlico or Twickenham then we can help you!

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There are a wealth of benefits that come with liquid screed, making it an ideal solution for many projects and purposes. The process is efficient from the beginning and can be completed quicker than alternative methods. Liquid screed is quick to install and requires less time, less equipment and less manpower.

Most liquid screed are self-levelling, meaning you are assured a flat, level surface every time, even in hard to reach areas that alternative methods would struggle with.

Because of how quickly liquid screed dries, you can save time and money. Your project can progress to the stage much quicker.

Liquid screed also has less chance of cracking, due to the way it is specially designed. The results of liquid screed are much more effective compared to traditional methods.

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The London Screed Company Ltd have years of experience specialising in providing all flow screed services throughout Chelsea, Chiswick, Hayes, Maidenhead, Pimlico, Twickenham and London. Always offering you the very best solution possible.

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